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"I got a girlfriend and let myself get content, lazy, and as a result pretty damn chubby. She would always tell me it was “cute”. I hated that word. Well, we broke up and I needed to get back in shape. I live in Florida so its pretty much always beach season so this mini keg I developed really needed to turn into a 6 pack quick. I Googled “get shredded fast” and came across Project Shredded. It’s the best workout programs I’ve ever done. The included Core-dio guide was what really helped me get my abs on point. Definitely follow that part of the program to the letter.” - Mike Cuny

Hey Guys, Are you tired of putting in endless hours at the gym with nothing to show for it? Are you sick of trudging away on the treadmill and STILL having love handles? Why are they called “love handles” anyway? I hate them. Do you love them? Hell no. If you loved them you wouldn’t be here, about to get shredded. With Project Shredded’s scientifically proven program you will:

  • Burn fat like a furnace and finally get those 6 pack abs you’ve been uselessly crunching away at without enduring long boring cardio!
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  • Learn to make multiple days of great tasting, fat burning meals, in just 1 hour with our Unlimited Option 28 Day Meal Plan and never eat the same meal twice!
  • Change the game and get jaw-dropping results using scientifically proven methods that professional physique athletes use to get shredded.
  • Finally figure out which supplements are great and which are junk from a certified nutrition specialist based on science and clinical studies, not some nonsense “study” funded by the supplement companies.

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