Hey Guys,

Are you tired of putting in endless hours at the gym with nothing to show for it? Are you sick of trudging away on the treadmill and STILL having love handles? Why are they called “love handles” anyway? I hate them. Do you love them? Hell no. If you loved them you wouldn’t be here, about to get shredded. With Project Shredded’s scientifically proven program you will:

  • Burn fat like a furnace and finally get those 6 pack abs you’ve been uselessly crunching away at without enduring long boring cardio!
  • Turn your metabolism into overdrive and burn fat 24/7 so that you look and feel your absolute best!
  • Get the secret to how at age 31 I naturally raised my testosterone by over 200! Guy T levels start to tank at 30…but they don’t HAVE to! (In my FREE BONUS Gift “9 Ways to Naturally Raise Your Testosterone”)
  • Learn to make multiple days of great tasting, fat burning meals, in just 1 hour with our Unlimited Option 28 Day Meal Plan and never eat the same meal twice!
  • Change the game and get jaw-dropping results using scientifically proven methods that professional physique athletes use to get shredded.
  • Finally figure out which supplements are great and which are junk from a certified nutrition specialist based on science and clinical studies, not some nonsense “study” funded by the supplement companies.

Here’s My Story (The Short Version…)

My name is Mike Kneuer, I’m a professional natural physique athlete, personal trainer, and certified nutrition specialist. My passion is getting people shredded. I’ve been doing it for a decade and I’m pretty damn good at it.

I’ve been helping guys just like you (you’ll meet some soon) get the bodies they want in less time by working smarter, eating better, and using real science rather than bro-science to get amazing transformations. My unique combination of strength training, metabolic conditioning, and Unlimited Option 28-Day Meal Plan has changes hundreds of guys from kegs to 6-packs in no time at all and you can be next.

045_45But I wasn’t always shredded. I was just like you. I was working out (what I thought was) hard. However really didn’t know what I was doing. I was doing tons of cardio, picking random workouts out of men’s magazines and listening to the dudes at the water fountain talk about their “Bro Science”. And I wasn’t getting the results I was working so hard to achieve.

It wasn’t until I be11167654_798889706833033_6019734073018755858_ocame a personal trainer and studied the science behind exercise and nutrition for many years that I was able to put together the program that took me from being the “fit guy” who trained regularly to a winning my pro card in Men’s Physique in just 3 months. Now I’m sharing this proven program developed through over a decade of personal training and scientific research to get you absolutely shredded. It’s gotten my clients such great results that I felt I just HAD to help other guys like them get shredded. So I'm making my program available online for the first time EVER!

I’m here to help you:

Build Muscle (1)Build Muscle

Pack on pounds of highly metabolic muscle and become stronger, bigger, and increase your metabolic rate so that you burn fat like a furnace.  Develop a physique you never though was imaginable with my specially designed hypertrophy (muscle growth) resistance-training program.

IncreaseTestosteroneIncrease Testosterone

Learn how to naturally increase your testosterone to get mind-blowing results and become an Alpha Male without any dangerous supplements, unproven Bro Science, or steroids. Gain muscle and lose fat easily while boosting your self-confidence and libido with Project Shredded’s bonus 9 Ways to Naturally Increase Testosterone. (Attention Guys Over 30: Your Testosterone has already started the slippery slope of decline…learn what I did at age 31 to increase my Testosterone by 27% without and steroids or artificial hormones!!!)

Burn Fat

With Project Shredded’s unique metabolically designed workout program and the Unlimited Option 28 Day Meal Plan you will turn your body into a fat burning beast and reach your goals 2x as fast! Burning fat isn’t complicated. There is a science to it and you’ll benefit from my knowledge without doing any of the research or wasting time learning by trial and error.


Get Shredded

I have laid out a step by step easy to follow blueprint to take you from an average bodied weakling to an absolutely shredded beast. Get the type of body you’re so proud of you’d burn all your shirts if you could. I know the feeling, and it’s great!

sideeffectsI must warn you, Project Shredded comes with certain desirable side effects. Please make sure you are ready and able to handle these side effects before beginning Project Shredded’s 28-Day Metabolic Conditioning Program.

Project Shredded’s side effects may include:

  • A rapid decrease in body fat, oftentimes resulting in a Shredded 6-pack.
  • Gains in strength and size.
  • Increases in Testosterone.
  • Growth of new muscle tissue.
  • Frequent and ongoing bouts of awesomeness.
  • Looking better naked.

Here’s Their Stories (Just a Few of Them…)

“Project Shredded changed my life! I’ve been an active guy all my life (I’m 28). I ate healthy and jogged a lot but I could never seem to lose those last 15lbs hanging over my belt. With the Project Shredded training program and Unlimited Option 28 Day Meal Plan I was able to not only drop those 15lbs of fat but I also added 5lbs of muscle!”

- Connor Higgins

"I got a girlfriend and let myself get content, lazy, and as a result pretty damn chubby. She would always tell me it was “cute”. I hated that word. Well, we broke up and I needed to get back in shape. I live in Florida so its pretty much always beach season so this mini keg I developed really needed to turn into a 6 pack quick. I Googled “get shredded fast” and came across Project Shredded. It’s the best workout programs I’ve ever done. The included Core-dio guide was what really helped me get my abs on point. Definitely follow that part of the program to the letter.”

- Mike Cuny

“Before buying Project Shredded I was spending a few hundred dollars a month on a personal trainer and getting very minimal results and zero guidance on nutrition. Project Shredded’s workouts were not only easy to follow on my own, but they got me better results than my trainer ever could. The Unlimited Option 28 Day Meal Plan also gave me the guidance I needed and the flexibility I wanted in a “diet”. I was able to lose 23 pounds and I can now fit in my Duke sweatshirt from college 10 years ago."

- Pete Wilson

“I needed to break through the evil progress plateau and reach new levels of leanness that I was working my ass off to achieve. I was willing to do whatever it took, lucky for me, it only cost $29 and 28 days of hard work. With Mike’s help you can do it too!”

- Alex Horner

Death of Bro Science

bro science

We’ve all heard the Bro Science bullshit around the water fountain at the gym about how someone read in a magazine about the latest secret to getting shredded or how some new supplement made from rhino balls will give you arms like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Stop spinning your wheels gossiping garbage with these knuckleheads and start getting shredded.

With today’s amazing advances in science and research you can bag the Bro Science and start getting the results you’ve been struggling for based on proven metabolic science and years of professional experience.  I’ve laid out the proven blueprint. All you need to do is take the next step.

Are you ready to?

  • Stop trying hard to follow, ineffective, and tasteless meal plans that don’t give the results they promise?
  • Quit basing your workouts on some random “program of the week” and start getting better results in ½ the time?
  • Drop those stubborn pounds of body fat keeping you from having the body you want.
  • Start training for results that will have people asking you “how the hell did you do it?!” in just 28 days?
  • Stop taking advice from average bodied guys in the gym who “read it in a magazine” but don’t have results to show for it and listen to a professional?
  • Separate fact from fiction in the highly suspect and widely unregulated supplement industry?
  • Quit wasting your money on a personal trainer who isn’t shredded, has never been shredded, and does not have the experience or qualifications to get your shredded?!

Seriously guys, why haven’t you hit the buy button by now? Why are you still reading this and not on your way to the gym to put this amazing scientifically based and proven program to work for you? Well I’ll sweeten the pot for you. I am going to include the following highly effective bonus guides, a $675 value, to give you the one up on the other guys so that you get better results in ½ the time. I want you to succeed. I want you to get shredded! So I'm giving you every single tool and advantage I can to get you there.


Unlimited Option 28-Day Meal Plan

Enjoy unlimited healthy and great tasting options through Project Shredded’s unique Nutritional Combination Approach you will never have to eat the same meal twice!

  • Unlimited combinations with custom lists of approved proteins, fats, carbs, fruits, veggies, and seasonings.
  • Utilize the Thermic Effect of Food to burn 21% more calories just by choosing the right foods!
  • Designed by a natural professional physique athlete and certified nutrition specialist.
  • Learn how to prepare multiple days of healthy fat burning meals in less than 1 hour!
  • Learn which sneaky everyday foods are keeping you fat and weak.

$299 Value

Step-by-Step Exercise Descriptions

Learn the proper form for each of Project Shredded's exercises with easy to follow step-by-step instructions written instructions with photos. 

  • Proper form is essential for maximizing your gains and preventing injury.
  • Step by Step written instructions with photos of me walking you through each exercise.
  • Get really good at these exercises and you'll be shredded in no time!
  • Exercises split into Upper Body Push, Upper Body Pull, Legs, and Metabolics for easy access to find exactly what you're looking for.

$199 Value

Stretching Guide

In this Stretching Guide you will learn stretches to help to perform your best, prevent injury, and decrease recovery time

  • Learn how to effectively stretch your muscles to prevent injury.
  • Perform a full body stretching routine in less than 30 minutes a day.
  • Most guys don't stretch nearly enough. This quick and easy routine, which you can perform anywhere, will keep your muscles long and lean.

$99 Value

9 Ways to Naturally Raise Testosterone

Testosterone is what makes us Men. Unfortunately around age 30 most guys Testosterone levels begin to tank. Learn the 9 key changes I made at age 31 to INCREASE my Testosterone by over 200 points without steroids or hormone doctors.

  • Testosterone is the primarily muscle building and fat burning hormone and men this day and age are seriously lacking.
  • By adapting these simple ideas you will achieve higher levels of testosterone, safely, naturally, and without any drugs.
  • Less fat, more muscle, better libido, improved confidence, better life.

$78 Value

With these crazy bonus products, an amazing $675, and Project Shredded’s extremely low price of $29.95 you’d have to NOT WANT TO GET SHREDDED to not take advantage of all Project Shredded has to offer. Or… Maybe you missed the other buttons allowing you instant access to Project Shredded and my 4 Crazy Bonuses…just in case here’s a BIG ONE.


Here’s some more guys just like you got amazing results…



“I started seeing my abs within the first 14 days! I was never hungry and the really easy to make meal plan gave me unlimited options in a simple “choose one of each” method. Before Project Shredded, I used to struggle like hell to lose the last few pounds and this program not only had me drop the fat but I actually gained a few pounds of muscle too! Thanks Mike!”

- Monte Harry

“Being the chubby guy was something that I got used to. I’m 5’10 and have been 215 pounds since high school. A buddy recommended that I try Project Shredded.  He said it helped him lose 20 lbs so I figured I’d give it a shot. He was right. I dropped 11 lbs in the first 14 days of the program! I’ve been using Project Shredded’s workouts for about 3 months now and I’m down to 185 and ripped!”

- Sean Barrington

“I used to train for hours at a time and I didn’t see any significant changes. I was getting stronger but you still couldn’t see my abs or any veins. I workout to look good, I wasn’t trying to  become a power lifter, so I needed to make a change. Project Shredded’s short, high intensity workouts completely changed the way I trained and the results were awesome! The 10 different morning workouts were a great addition, they got my heart pumping right away and turned up my metabolism for the rest of the day."

- Jimmy Trullo

“Download this program and get in your car and head to your nearest gym! Project Shredded is a life changer. You need to stop wasting your time on the Internet and check out this great program and all the cool bonus guides that come with it. For real guys…go.”

- Mike Chang

Don’t keep spinning your wheels and watching other guys make progress in the gym while you still can’t seem to lose that spare tire! NOW is your chance to learn exactly what you need to do to so you can finally get the results you’ve been working for.

It’s YOUR turn to have a body to be proud of! You'll have direct download PDF access to Project Shredded and all the awesome bonuses (28-Day Unlimited Option Meal Plan, Stretching Guide, the Exercise Descriptions Guide, and 9 Ways to Naturally Raise Your Testosterone) within minutes of your purchase and can start getting Shredded right away!

If you have any questions Mike Kneuer can be reached at Mike@ProjectShredded.com.


100% Money Back Guarantee

I am so sure that you will LOVE Project Shredded and it will provide you with an easy to follow blueprint to success that I am offering a “1 question money back guarantee”. The only questions is: What part did you not follow? If you follow this program fully you CANNOT fail.

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